Organising lectures can involve all sorts of preparatory work. You have to make arrangements for a certain number of places, depending on the expected number of attendees. Professional audiovisual equipment must moreover be available should the speaker wish to use it. If there are several guest speakers, you may want to pamper the guests a little more, with a reception after the lecture or a coffee break in between.

Salons De Romree is your partner when it comes to organising lectures

Our location, in the vicinity of Brussels, enjoys a strong reputation when it comes to organising lectures. Our experience enables us to assume the strenuous mental work so that you can concentrate optimally on the speakers and guests. Our seasoned team uses open communication to keep you informed of the arrangements, so there are no unpleasant surprises afterwards and you never find yourself in unforeseeable situations.

Our knowledge is at your disposal for a successful lecture at the Hof ter Musschen nearby as well.