Meetings with a large number of participants or a small coterie? There is a spectrum of possibilities between these two possibilities where the knowledge and experience of Salons de Romree can prove most helpful to you.

Do you want to meet in all discretion and calm so that you can make some important decisions? The discretion of our staff, in combination with the peaceful location, will enable you to make the right decisions in a serene manner. Salons De Romree has also small meeting rooms that are just perfect for that purpose.

Meetings for a large number of participants

Perhaps you want to hold a meeting for very many attendees such as a general meeting of shareholders or the presentation of an annual report? This too is right up the alley of our experienced team. Salons De Romree in Grimbergen sees not only to the decor of the premises but also discusses your needs and wishes with you. Matters such as a cloakroom, catering and parking are no problem whatsoever to guarantee well conducted meetings.

Our staff is on hand at Hof ter Musschen as well for all sorts of meetings under optimal conditions.