History of d’Yveshoeve / Romrée

This typical Brabant square farm dates back to 1737 and was one of the farmsteads belonging to the Paddenborch family that later became the property of the Romrée family.

It stands amid grounds spreading out over one and a half hectares. Next to the stately entrance there is an attractive Porter’s Lodge and around the paved inner courtyard are the monumental Great Barn, the former Stables and a beautiful Farmstead.

Between 1921 and 1927 the local mayor, Theophiel Verhasselt, lived in this beautiful farmhouse. When the farm was put up for sale in 1929, Jozef Janssens and his wife Louise Brion decided to buy it and saved it from being pulled down.

Most of the land, apart from the 1.4 hectares immediately surrounding the farmhouse, was split up into plots for the stately mansions and the beautiful villas that now line the Beiaardlaan and Lage Steenweg.

You can read the full history of the property and consult the old photos of Salons de Romree in this PDF document (NL)